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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: old ZD benchmark comments
Date Mon, 26 Jan 1998 03:14:40 GMT
At 10:50 PM 1/21/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Oh yea, and for anyone interested their table is at 
>Some of the more... "interesting" points:
>Apache does not log accesses or page hits, but it does have
>customizable log files.

Prolly not worth correcting them at this point - is there a current table
of server features maintained by ZD somewhere?  

>It can't control access to "parts of documents".  WTF is that?

I can't remember which, but some packages out there let you specify a part
of a file as available only to certain users.  E.g.

  <LI> some stuff
  <LI> other stuff
  <!--#if authenticated_user -->
  <LI> secret plans to overthrow government
  <!--#endif -->

Depending on what "authenticated_user" is I'm sure you could do this with

>It can't create private certificates, yet it has scripts or wizard for
>creating certificates.
>It supports "no" other APIs, and the Apache API doesn't count I guess.
>Oh, and access control isn't handled by the OS.  Erm... sure it is...
>Unix has permissions.  Apache respects them, not that it has a
>choice.  I fail to see why magazines goes on and on about how great it
>is that IIS makes you use NT logins for your web server when in the
>real world it sucks.
>Oh yea, and they incorrectly call IIS free.  They label Novell's
>server as "included with intranetware" but for some reason they
>think IIS is different.
>Hehehehehahahahahahahehehehe.  You would think they would do something
>odd like trying to verify their facts.
>(yes, this has all been gone through before and is old stuff, but...
>I haven't looked at it before...)

Oh, if only we had a marketing department which could spend some time
correcting these things :)

If incorrect reporting was really a problem, we could add the following
somewhere, like to README or LICENSE or something:

"Any publication of information about Apache referring to its capabilities
or performance is unauthorized without contacting the Apache Group at".

Like Microsoft does.


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