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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: sane mail-archive
Date Fri, 09 Jan 1998 22:27:08 GMT
At 08:31 PM 1/9/98 +0100, Ingo Luetkebohle wrote:
>Marc Slemko wrote:
>> I am not aware of any program that produces a sane archive that is
>> useful and doesn't choke with volume.
>Hmm, we are using a combination of MHonArc, very customized, for
>mail2html and htdig for searching, which works quite well, even on large
>mailing-lists (bugtraq...)

Disk space chewing.  huge problem.  That affects search index size too.
And the fact you had to heavily customize it too doesn't make me feel good.

>Anyway, I´d say that a 1700k mbox file (and thats just for the last 9
>days) does pretty much choke any reader, too...

Not pine!  :)  Not eudora either, whose mailbox file format is the same as
the Unix format.

I'll post the spec soon... but the basic idea is that for each mbox file
you have a dbm file (or sql database table, whatever) storing message
beginnings, the basic headers, x-ref's, etc.  I.e., a threads database like
news servers have.  The search engine returns hits to particular messages,
showing the metainfo.  every message has a unique URL.  Etc.


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