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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: apache-2.0 now clean
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1998 03:07:28 GMT
The whole idea of having the 2.0 tree was that it would provide a
place where people could put some coding effort into, thus leaving
the 1.3 tree alone enough so we could stabilize it for a release.
Sooo if people had a great idea or neat feature they wanted, it
could be placed into the 2.0 tree and not the 1.3 tree; this would
result in no stopage of coding but leave 1.3 quiet enough that
we could push it out.

Obviously, this is not happening and "wiping out" the 2.0
certainly doesn't help.

I say that we release 1.3b4 on Feb 6. All commits, except for
"finishing touches" or obvious bug-fixes should be held off.
We repopulate the 2.0 tree and "neat stuff" that people have
available should go in there and not 1.3. We give b4 "awhile"
in the real world, and then make it golden.

Yeah... I know that there are issues before 1.3 can be golden.
Hopefully these have been detailed in STATUS so we can squash

We went to c-t-r because people wanted to code... unless we
have an avenue for them to do that, which means a 2.0 tree, then
1.3 will never get out.
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