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From Daniel Lopez Ridruejo <>
Subject Re: Comanche alpha
Date Sat, 31 Jan 1998 11:34:39 GMT
Rasmus Lerdorf said:
> > Comanche is written in TCL/TK, so it should run out of the box in any
> > Windows, MAC or UNIX machine with a TCL/TK interpreter installed
> > It has been tested in Windows NT, Windows 95 and Red Hat Linux 5.0
> Seems a bit odd to me that a GUI for administrating a web server is not
> web-based.

But before you can administer it you have to have a web server running :-)
In the future it would be possible to use the TCL-TK plugin and when TCL-Tk 
Java port is finished ( it will run on a Java-enabled browser.
Also, the idea is to have a common backend configuration server so if anyone
wants to write the program in python or perl or whatever he would be able to
communicate with it. This would include any forms-based web GUI too

If I knew enough Java maybe I would have done in it (you can see for Justin one). Maybe as you say , with Javascript and fancy
html you could do it. But you should note that everything that it si on the
snapshots is generated "on the fly": I read some configuration files , check
the apache version and then build the apropiate widgets. Maybe it can be done
JavaScript (I do not know). I do not think comanche is the ultimate
configuration tool, but I hope people will either improve it or take some
ideas and start their own GUI

I have not had the oportunity to use stronghold, which web-based interface
looks nice (I do not know if it is useful) but I think it is sad that
the only configuration tool I know of is Warpaint (if you take a look you will
know why I say it is sad)
I think also there is a Dotfile generator module for apache but I cannot
remember the URL now

Thank you for your comments. In fact I am right now realizing that I could
modify the engine which creates the widgets to a engine which creates web pages
(i.e substitute CreateContainer.Email by CreateContainerHtml.Email I think it
would be feasible, and when I have time I may try it)



Daniel Lopez Ridruejo        "When men were men and wrote their own drivers"
E-Mail:                                    Linus Torvalds

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