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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: apache-2.0
Date Wed, 28 Jan 1998 13:02:05 GMT
Marc Slemko wrote:
> Lets just say I agree with Alexei's comments.
> You can argue that starting fresh and copying things when needed
> does the same thing (eg. can copy the modules over and go through
> them with minimal changes), but the problem is that we don't get
> a anywhere near buildable tree when we do that.  Such a thing
> is critical; it won't be buildable and certainly not completely 
> runnable at all times, but it will be close to it.

I think starting with the current CVS tree is a good idea, simply
to avoid the reinventing of the wheel. Sure sections will require
major surgery, but that's never stopped us before.

I think Roy's major concern, and it's one I think we all share, is
that by not having it a total rewrite, substandard sections of
code remain or, at least, aren't looked at. With a rewrite, you are
kind of forced into that. Also, there comes a point where it's
more trouble to change something rather than just do it from
scratch. No doubt, we'll run into that as well.

My concern is that we'll run off and hack away at 2.0 without
a clean and clear API, a clear list of what's needed, etc... and
therefore just get a total mishmash of ideas and code. I think Alexei
and Dean have been working on the 2.0 API, and one of the first things
I'm gonna do is pour through what they have and add whatever comments
I can (which are sure to be minimal... API design ain't my strength :) )
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