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From Ian Kluft <>
Subject mod_jserv 0.9.9 beta release available
Date Wed, 21 Jan 1998 08:59:23 GMT
mod_jserv is an Apache HTTPD module that runs Java Servlets.

mod_jserv 0.9.9 was posted on the evening of January 20, US Pacific Time.
It's available from the Java-Apache Project web site:

The new version includes numerous bug fixes and new features, including
tracing and JavaDoc documentation generation. This version requires JDK
1.1 and JSDK 1.0.X.

Version 0.9.8 was never released.  The next release will be numbered 0.9.10
and will be based on JDK 1.2, which is currently in beta.

Though some sites are using mod_jserv for production operations, we
are officially categorizing it as alpha because of some major additions
planned within the 0.9.10 or 0.9.11 period.  Appropriate caution is
advised; any testing is appreciated.

The current version runs on Unix.  There is no official Win32 support yet
but experimenters have reported that they have gotten the back-end Servlet
Engine to run in "manual mode" and then serve Apache 1.3 betas on NT.

--CHANGES in 0.9.9------------------------------------------------------------
JServ 0.9.9 - January 20, 1998 (Francis J Lacoste, Martin Pool, Jon Stevens,
  Ed Korthof, Ian Kluft)
- Skipped 0.9.8 version because of the number of new changes as well as 
  confusion over 0.9.8 and 0.9.8-dev naming conventions (JSS)
- Added a sample configuration to the README file (IK)
- Modified Makefile to create subdirectories as needed (IK)
- Added javadoc comments to ServletRequest, HttpServletRequest,
  ServletResponse, HttpServletResponse, ServletConfig, and 
- Tracing of several parts of JServ can be turn on or off using a bitmask
  configured via a system property.
- JServServletManager now has synchronized methods, so synchronization
  doesn't need to be done on the Hashtable in JServContext
- JServServletManager now restarts itself when its property file is changed.
- Correct behavior in a few methods to match specification more closely :
  getIntHeader, getDateHeader, getServlet.
- Add a top-level Makefile that makes and installs code and documentation.
- Put back classes directory and added doc.
- Can escape = and , in init parameters.
- Misc performance improvements
- Remove creation of Integer in readHexLine(). (Adam Messinger)
- Fix some documentation in JServConnection. (Martin Pool) 
- Allow Java VM to reside on a separate machine from the webserver
- Changed restarts to use sockets rather than STDIN for reliability
- Fixed a bug in the automatic mode initialization (FJL)
- Turned tracing off by default in (JSS)
- Changed from DataInputStream.readLine() to BufferedReader.readLine() 
  with a bufsize of 1 in to avoid depreciated code 
  warning (JSS)
- Added the actual Module line to the README that should be copied into 
  the Apache Configuration file (JSS)
- Fixed small typo on line 397 of mod_jserv.c (changed } to ]) (JSS)
- Fixed a bug in where getAttribute() had a +1 
  wrongly inserted. Thanks to Svein Omdahl <>. (JSS)
- Renamed to to be more clear (JSS)
- Changed javac path in Makefile to be more generic (JSS)
- Commented out the file examples to prevent possible 
  accidental misconfigurations (JSS)
- Removed duplicate examples where it made sense from the file (JSS)
- Fixed a typo in the file (JSS)
- Fixed a typo in the README file (reault->result) (JSS)
- Removed classes directory (JSS)
- Moved classes from package apache.jserv to org.apache.jserv to comply
  with JLS.
- Fixed free() bug in manual/jserv.c
- Determine whether whether the URL scheme should be 'http' or 'https'
  by looking for the Stronghold environment variable 'SSL'.
- Servlets loaded from ServletAlias directive are loaded via a
  custom ClassLoader. 
- Classes loaded by the ClassLoader are reloaded whenever they are
- Servlets from different virtual host are loaded in different name space
  and cannot see each other.
- ServletProperties is now a virtual host directive.
- Loading of startup servlets is done in a different thread and after binding
  the socket to prevent two simultaneous JServ process to initialize servlets.
- Added a ServletBinaryArgument directive to pass additional command line
  arguments to the Java interpreter.
- Added servlets.default.initArgs property in the servlet properties file 
  that give init arguments available to all servlets in the virtual host.
- Init arguments for servlet invoked by class name are now specified in a 
  file named <servlet_classname>.initArgs.
- Added sample configurations files.
- Manual JServ is now configured by a property file to handle multiple
  virtual host.
- Manual JServ write its pid to a file.
- Added simple shell scripts to start/stop/restart manual JServ.
- Updated doc files to reflect recent changes.
- getDateHeader is now RFC2068 compliant and handles three date format. 

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