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From Tim Hudson <>
Subject Re: installshield
Date Mon, 19 Jan 1998 00:55:13 GMT
According to sameer:
> We use IS2 at C2 'cause its easier to deal with. There's no scripting 
> language

    InstallShield Express Pro 2 lets you create standard installation packages
rapidly without messing with a scripting language (because as Sameer has 
stated - there isn't one). You can put up all the standard dialogs etc 
and setup registry keys and an auto-uninstaller without cutting any code.
    If you need to do unusual things you can plug in your own DLL that gets
called at the right places during installation and uninstallation so there
is the flexibility of doing whatever you want.

    I've used a number of installers ... and this is the approach I would
recommend as taking the least amount of time.

    Unfortunately the ISExpressPro stuff cannot be run from the command line 
... this is the only seriously annoying thing in the whole setup IMHO.


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