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From Tim Hudson <>
Subject Re: Apache 1.2.5 Win32 Platform Port Project (fwd)
Date Sat, 17 Jan 1998 09:37:47 GMT
> He sent me this on Thursday, but I haven't had time to respond yet.
> I'll ask him to join the list.
> > I have patched your orginal source code distribution of the 1.2.5
> > release to Win32 platforms (Windows 95 & Windows NT) using Cygnus's C
> > Development Kit (CDK)
    For those who don't know about the GNU Win32 stuff ... be warned that
it is covered by the GPL and all applications that link to the runtime 
library must also covered by the GPL.

    The original GNU Win32 stuff did not have this restriction ... but that
was changed almost a year ago so that basically only GPLd applications could
use the infrastructure. I argued against this change at the time.

Quoting from

>The Cygwin32 API library found in the winsup subdirectory of the source
>code is now also covered by the GNU GPL. Since by default all
>executables link against this library, programs compiled by the beta 17
>tools will also have to be free software distributed under the GPL with
>source code available to all.

    This is also detailed fairly clearly in:

    So unless you write GPLd code it is unfortunately of little use ... which
is quite a pity as 14 months ago it was looking like turing into something
quite useful and usable.

    Note the "distributed under the GPL"


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