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From Lars Eilebrecht <>
Subject [BUG] Script directive broken
Date Thu, 15 Jan 1998 14:03:26 GMT

has anyone tested the Script directive with Apache 1.3?

Some days I upgraded one of my production servers from 1.2.3 to
1.3b4-dev and all the PUT stuff stopped to work (I'm using
the Script directive to assign a cgi script to the PUT method).

When I use Apache 1.2 everything works fine, but using 1.3b4-dev with
the same configuration files it fails. Apache 1.3 always says that
the method PUT is not allowed for the specified URI.
And no messages are logged to the error logfile. :-/

I haven't yet found the time to track down the error... Has anyone an
idea what's causing the problem or does Script work for anyone with 1.3?

Lars Eilebrecht      - "Keep computers away from windows"                   (Garfinkel/Spafford: Practical Unix & Internet Security)      

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