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From Martin Kraemer <>
Subject [FEATURE] "Explorer"-like browsing thru
Date Mon, 12 Jan 1998 21:46:02 GMT

No, this is not an apache feature, but a support/contrib question about
a piece of script I wrote.

Have a look at <URL:>
which presents you with a "clickable tree" of everything in the
DocumentRoot of VHost

Clicking on the [+] in front of any directory will open the associated
directory and list the files and directories contained therein. A click
on an opened directory's [-] takes the "focus" back to its parent.

The whole thing is generated statically by one invocation of a 400 line
awk+sh script I wrote last weekend.

I would like to offer this script to the public, but I would like it
to carry the GPL or Apache license, or be part of the apache distribution
(my idea is that at top level, several VHost entries could exist, each of
which could the be browsed by opening the respective tree view).

If there's no special interest, no problem: I'd post it to some sources
news group then.

Interesting things can be found in the dev tree...

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