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From Martin Kraemer <>
Subject Re: Mime type translation problem
Date Mon, 12 Jan 1998 13:42:31 GMT
Hello Gopakumar H Pillai, you wrote,...
> Hi,
> I was happy to find that this was a bug rather than my configuration
> error, when I saw ur mail. But U r talking only about gzipped files. The
> same thing happens to .exe files too. why? For that matter any binary
> file. This is through the netscape browser. Internet Explorer does it
> fine. Now I feel it's because of the browser and not the server.
> Somebody had already suggested checking the browser.

Yes, NS-Navigator (at least in version 3.01) has the annoying "Feature" that
it tries to display the loaded document even when its Content-Encoding
states that the file should be (gzip-) decompressed first. It outputs a warning
that it doesn't understand Content-Encoding: x-gzip, but then happily displays
the binary file. That is certainly an error in NS-Navigator.

Regarding exe files, I don't know how this can happen; the Content-Type
should be set to application/octet-stream (at least that's what's defined
in the apache_1.2.5 conf/mime.types), so NS-Navigator should prompt with
a download-save box.

But as you stated correctly, Apache does obviously NOT set the type to
application/octet-stream, but to text/plain. There must be another error
in the ftp proxy module. I must have a look at the source.....


> Martin Kraemer wrote:
> >... However, when requesting
> > a gzipped file, like README.gz, no MIME type is detected, because the gzip
> > encoding would result in a "Content-Encoding: x-gzip" with the content
> > type still being "Content-Type: text/plain".
> > 
> > This is clearly a bug in the proxy ftp handling.
> >...
> >  b) the ftp proxy module ought to detect a Content-Encoding and add an
> >     appropriate HTTP header.
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