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From "Brian Havard" <>
Subject Re: os_canonical_filename() ?
Date Sat, 10 Jan 1998 17:00:12 GMT
On Wed, 7 Jan 1998 08:11:31 -0700 (MST), Marc Slemko wrote:

>On Wed, 7 Jan 1998, Brian Havard wrote:
>> While trying to sort out some case (in)sensitivity problems I came across the
>> os_canonical_filename() function. Can anyone explain just what it does and
>> why? Do I need to write one for OS/2?
>It tries to convert a path into some form that is considered canonical. 
>The goal is that there should be no way for two paths to not be identical
>in a strcmp() and refer to the same thing.  Obviously this would exclude
>symlinks, etc. as those really refer to different things.

OK, so why is it necessary for Win32 but not for Unix? Have things like "."
and ".." already been dealt with? Relative vs absolute paths?

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