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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Apache for NT
Date Wed, 07 Jan 1998 17:23:26 GMT
On Wed, Jan 07, 1998 at 03:49:30PM +0100, Michael Garstenauer wrote:
> Dear Randy,
> First of all thanks for your pointer to the right place for Apache for NT. I've
> installed it right now, and it is (more or less) running ok.
> Randy Terbush wrote:
> > ..
> > Let us know how it works.
> > ..
>  As you invited me to give some response, here are my suggestions for further
> enhancements:
> 1. Installation
> I tried to install Apache in the directory "D:\Programme\Apache" and faced
> serious problems doing so. Apache wanted to run as an application, but as an NT
> service I had serious problems. It just did not want to start. I removed
> everything again, and tried it under "C:\Apache", which worked allright. Then I
> went back to my first directory, and after some fiddling around, I found a
> solution to leave it in this non-standard directory. I had to copy the
> "httpd.conf" file into "D:\Apache\conf" _and_ "D:\Programme\Apache\conf" to
> make it working!

Not sure off the top of my head why this could be resistant to your desire.
I'll forward these comments to the development list.

> 2. access_log
> As I've written a little cgi-Script that allows me to track the web sites
> visitors and get some statistics about them, I found it _very_ nice to see the
> names and not just the IP addresses of the client machines in the log file of
> the UNIX version of Apache. With this new NT version, I just get the numerical
> value, and not the name.

By default, Apache is configured not to resolve IP addresses to hostnames.
This is done to reduce the considerable overhead of handling a request
_and_ resolving the host name for starters. If you look at the configuration
file, you should be able to change HostnameLookups to "yes" to get your
desired behavior. Have a look at logresolve.c in the support directory
as well. I'm not sure if this compiles for NT at this point or not.

> 3. content negotiation
> I really like the idea of content negotiation (giving clients documents in the
> language they want to get them), and we are using it on our UNIX server. Here
> it seems to be still a little bit buggy, when I have a document ""
> and I'm requesting the root document with DirectoryIndex set to "index" I'm
> getting some kind of warning that index does not exist, but does
> exist. I think it would be better to have the process of content negotiation
> transparent to the user.

You are refering to language negotiation here. Perhaps someone on the list
familiar with this feature can point out a configuration problem here.

> But, apart from these more or less minor points that I'm sure that will go away
> until the first non-beta release, I'm really happy with Apache for NT.
> I want to thank everyone from the Apache team for all your efforts, I'm really
> impressed by your product! Of course, we let everyone know which server we're
> using (by displaying the "Powered by Apache" logo)
> Thanks again!
> Michael

Thanks for using Apache.

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