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From Alan DeKok <>
Subject Re: latest redhat rpm of apache
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1998 16:42:20 GMT
> why!?!?  why replace a valid no address with a bogus address?  (ok...
> the above isn't in the most recent one anymore, now they just do:
> 	-ServerAdmin you@your.address
> 	+ServerAdmin root@localhost
> which I'm not sure helps anything...

  It helps the average user trying to install a complicated Linux
system.  There's enough things to configure elsewhere without worrying
about the web server, and "localhost"" is always a good IP address.

  I've always wondered why the default Apache configuration wasn't set
up for localhost.  Doing so would allow you to make & run it without
editing anything.  Going to would get you a "yes
you've got Apache running" page.

  This would also make it easier to include administration CGI's with
the standard distribution, allowing people to do the old
point-'n-click for the rest of their configuration.

  Alan DeKok.

( I've been lurking for a while now, so I thought it was time to jump
in.  I'm interested in authentication/security, and have written at
least one module, to authenticate via an external RADIUS server. )


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