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From "David D'Antonio" <>
Subject RE: ZDNet redeems itself a bit from the Pang wanker
Date Wed, 21 Jan 1998 15:34:39 GMT
On Tuesday, January 20, 1998 12:20 AM, Rasmus Lerdorf 
[] wrote:
> > Something is wrong here:
> >
> >     Choosing which Web server software to use is often determined by
> >     the hardware and software platforms you have available. Many Unix
> >     users swear by Apache, while Windows NT users are forced to choose
> >     between Microsoft IIS, Netscape Suite Spot server, or others. While
> >     these NT products are respectable Web servers, they don't compare
> >     to Apache when it comes to scalability and flexibility.
> >
> > What exactly does scalability mean?  This from the same magazine
> > that would have trouble benchmarking a webserver if it hit them in
> > the face and whose pretty point and click software is probably too
> > complicated for them?

I think what they are trying to say is that the NT platform isn't very 
Which is true, despite "Scalability Day" from MS. But since they don't want
to offend Bill, they said it this way.

I read one of the earlier stories 
and the criterion seems to be:

Scalability. The server is used by many of the world's biggest, most demanding 
Web sites.

> Ok ok, they just errored in the wrong direction this time.  That is
> probably just to make up for Pang.

Oh boy, oscillating journalism...

> -Rasmus

David D'Antonio CNE -
 Some they do and some they don't and some ya just can't tell
  Some they will and some they won't and some it's just as well

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