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From Sam Robb <>
Subject NT Questions
Date Fri, 23 Jan 1998 19:24:05 GMT
Some questions for the NT folks...

  The current version has apache.exe as a shell that just
links with apachecore.dll; I was able to modify things
(move the apachecore files into the apache project, tweak
some makefile settings) and build a usable version of
apache.exe that doesn't make use of the core dll.

  By "usable", I mean that I was able to run apache from
the command line or as a service with a minimal config
file that loaded the NT ApacheModule*.dlls and made use
of a couple of them (headers, usertrack and status).

  This is related to the effort to get profiling working
on NT - the VC profiler had little coniption fits under
the previous scheme.

  What was the reason for the existance of the previous
setup (apache/apachecore)?  Am I doing something incredibly
stupid or just missing some obvious point?

- Samrobb (
- WiseWire Corporation - "Information - Online, On Target, All the Time"

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