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From Lars Eilebrecht <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] Amiga Apache 1.3b3
Date Sun, 21 Dec 1997 14:26:52 GMT
According to Brian Behlendorf:

>  Feel free to comment back to the original author.  Would be nice to see
>  this reconsolidated back into the server, though the approach taken on
>  some
>  of these patches seems cumbersome.  For example, the issue with crypted
>  passwords,

That's maybe due to the fact that the MuFS (the Amiga Multiuser-Filesystem,
the standard AmigaOS has no multi user support) has a broken crypt-handling.

> and handling ":" in the path.

Well, on Amiga your a not limited to one character volumes (like "c:" under
Windoze), but you can have rather long volume names under AmigaOS (AFAIR up to
128 characters I think), e.g. "This is my big hard disk:apache/htdocs/foobar".
It is also possible to have logical volumes names, e.g. "Apache:" can
be assigned to "This is my big hard disk:apache" which in turn is maybe mapped
to the 'physical' path "hd0:apache".
And there are some special cases... "sys:" is always the volume from which
the system was booted and a path starting with ":" means the volume from which
the program was started, e.g. if Apache was started from "foo bar:apache"
you can use pathnames like ":apache/htdocs/foo" to refer to directories/files
on volume "foo bar:".

But I'm wondering if there are any cases in which Apache tries to access
a filename with double slashes, e.g. "foo/bar//index.html", because the
AmigaOS uses "/" instead of "../" to refer to a parent directory.
But I think double slashes are always collapsed to a single slash, right?

BTW, is there anyone from the Amiga folks on this list?

Lars Eilebrecht                 - Real programmers aren't afraid to use GOTOs!

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