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From Lars Eilebrecht <>
Subject RE: Apache user survey
Date Sat, 13 Dec 1997 13:54:19 GMT
According to Brian Behlendorf:

>  A challenge is to figure out how to motivate folks to answer these
>  questions.  Hmm.  Organic might be willing to chip in for some sort of
>  prize to be raffled off, maybe a free copy of Stronghold?

How about some Apache t-shirts? This reminds me of the discussion we
had some month ago about Apache t-shirts...

But here are some thoughs on additional questions:

>  Do you currently use the "suexec" functionality in Apache?

If not, do you use any other cgi wrapper?
>  Which non-standard modules do you currently use in your production 
>    web environments?
>  (include, proxy, rewrite, usertrack, expires, headers, mime_magic, 
>    status, info, speling, unique_id)

[include is activated by default, and dld, cern_meta, digest and auth_* is
missing in the list]

Are there any standard modules you DON'T use?
(env, log_config, mime, negotiation, include, autoindex, dir, cgi, asis, imap
 actions, userdir, alias, access, auth, setenvif/browser)

Do you use any self-made modules or patches?
(Category: URL manipulation, authentication, server-side scripting,
           content handling)

>  Which related packages do you use with Apache? (list major add-ons)
>  (mod_perl, mod_php, mod_jserv, mod_auth_mysql, mod_ldap, mod_pyapache)

[How about an extra text field here so people can add 'other' modules?]

>  For what strong reasons do you use Apache over other web servers?  
>  Check if you agree with the statement made. (check all that apply)
>     It serves up pages faster than other servers.
>     I can configure it to do many different things; it's very flexible.
>     Its reliability is high.
>     I have access to the source code.
>     I like the terms of the Apache license.
>     It is ported to the platform you use.
>     It has features other servers don't have.
>     It has a very wide userbase.
>     It has many add-on modules.
>     It is easy to configure.
>     I think it's less likely to have a significant security hole, 
>       and if there's one it can be quickly fixed with a source 
>       code patch.
>     I want to support the idea of "free" software.

It was bundled with my operating system.


Is Apache the first server software you are using or have you
upgraded from an other server?
If yes, what server was it? (Netscape, Microsoft, Sun, CERN, NCSA, other)


Lars Eilebrecht                          - It's been Monday all week.

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