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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject Name of httpd
Date Fri, 19 Dec 1997 13:57:43 GMT
Apache Week mentioned the possible name change last week. A few people
responded. The comments are below. It is three in favour of no change, and
one in favour of apache-httpd. Of course this is not representative, since
we didn't ask people to comment. Umm, we could get people to vote on their
favourite Apache name and pick the winner :-)



Please leave a good thing alone.  Changing the name of the daemon hpptd
is going to cause much more heartburn with scripts than is needed.
Windows can have whatever name they need or want independant of the
unices.  They just install plastic, watered down software anyway.  The
power in unix is in the many common sense scripts you can write and
reconfigure on the fly.  Don't want to mess that up do you?


I agree that "httpd" is too generic a name. Even on a Unix box, it is
nice to know which httpd is running. 

apache-httpd would be a good cross-platform name, IMO.


     I am not sure if this is the correct forum for adding my comments
on the Apache.exe
 verses httpd naming or even if there is a forum, however, I would like to
ask in the name of
 software that works please do not call it apache.exe.

    I am sure apache.exe would be the overall best choice for the
Windows environment but 
 as a long time proponent of Apache I would like to see the name reflect
the quality I have
 come to appreciate in the software.


I do not consider this as an issue...

Any unix administrator has the choice to rename
the executable as he wishes to comply it's needs.

All it takes is some symlinks if any script expects
something else... So why bother ?

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