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From Mark J Cox <>
Subject Microsoft compares IIS4 to Apache 1.2
Date Fri, 19 Dec 1997 08:59:54 GMT
So Microsoft decided to compare two NT servers with a Apache 1.2 for Unix. 
Of course they completely fail to mention that Apache 1.2 is for Unix so
all the NT specific comparisons ("uses NT system logger" etc.) get a big
"No" for Apache instead of a "N/A".

They also compare their IIS4 beta with Apache 1.2; not 1.3 Beta. 

They say Apache 1.2 has some things that it doesn't by default like Java
VM and leave out things like "Foreign Language Support" (which obviously
means something different to Language Negotiation) 

Microsoft claim to have "Quick Fix Engineering".  I expect this depends on
their definition of "Quick".


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