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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject Re: 1.3b3 stability
Date Sun, 14 Dec 1997 15:26:09 GMT
On Fri, 12 Dec 1997, Alexei Kosut wrote:
> On Fri, 12 Dec 1997, Ben Laurie wrote:
> > What is left on the plate for Windows (I don't think ASP should hold it
> > up, BTW)?
> Well, there's ISAPI. As a recent bug report, and the known bugs page for
> 1.3a1 points out, it doesn't work at all (crashes the server) if Apache is
> compiled for release. The debug version doesn't do this. I presume it's
> some optimization VC++ is doing, but could never figure out what it was
> (debuggers don't work very well on optimized w/o debugging symbols).
> And I'm not convinced ISAPI works at all. I haven't tried it since summer,
> and I just recently tried to get an extension working, and couldn't. So
> maybe it's broken. Anyone have any recent experience with mod_isapi?

Yep, ISAPI certainly works in a debug build. I haven't tried. My test
ISAPI is the simplest example from the ISAPI SDK (it outputs "this is an
ISAPI" or something). BTW I think we should document what version of ISAPI
we implement, and list the functions we don't support.


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