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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject Re: Separate Win32 package for 1.3b3 icons & htdocs
Date Sun, 07 Dec 1997 16:58:08 GMT
On Sun, 7 Dec 1997, Ben Laurie wrote:
> OK, I've zipped it (and probably a pile of tosh it didn't need) and it
> is available at httpd/dist/ The path it lives in on my
> machine (which may have to be identical) is: 
> c:/work/apachen/InstallShield
> the apache tree will definitely need to be rooted at c:/work/apachen.

Got it, and .... ugh, IS5 has to be one of the worst programs I've ever
used. You simply cannot seem to use the installation configuration files
in a different directory from the one where it was original made. Not only
that, you can't even easily change the location of the files it is
distributing. Actually you can, because all the config files are plain
text, except that it splits them across *dozens* of separate configuration
files (one per "file group"). It would be a nightmare to maintain this in
CVS such that multiple developers could access it from their own machines. 
Yuk yuk yuk. 

Plus I cannot figure out how to do a single-exe build (Ben: I guess you
did this using PackageForTheWeb -- is that a separate program, or a freely
available extension?). Or how to do a build from the command line. And no
upgrade path from IS2 configurations.

I thought that IS2 was bad, but at least you can do easy single .exe
install programs, and its configuration is stored in a single file so you
can search-and-replace path names when you import/export it from CVS. 


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