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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: calling pstrdup() on value before table_set?
Date Sun, 21 Dec 1997 03:10:05 GMT
Oh interesting... I wasn't aware that table_set() duplicated the value
behind the scenes as well.  Damn, these should all be cleaned up then.

Either that or the table_*() functions should be changed to not
duplicate... I wonder which wastes less memory.  Not duplicating is likely
to be a source of bugs though, because you have to allocate into the right


On Sat, 20 Dec 1997, Marc Slemko wrote:

> There are a number of cases in the code where something like:
>     table_set(new->subprocess_env, "REDIRECT_STATUS", pstrdup(r->pool, t));
> happens.  There is no reason for the pstrdup() except to waste memory is
> there?

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