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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject Formal announcement of C9x CD1 availability and U.S. public comment period (fwd)
Date Thu, 25 Dec 1997 00:31:04 GMT
Has some comments about snprintf(), etc.

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>Subject: Formal announcement of C9x CD1 availability and U.S. public comment period
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You may freely redistribute this announcement PROVIDED you do so in its


This document contains two parts; please read both before downloading

1. *** Attention members of the C programming community ***

The official Committee Document (CD) for C9x is now available to the
public. This document, known as N2620, is available electronically from

It comes in three forms:

        Adobe Acrobat   n2620.pdf
        Plain Text      n2620.txt       (LF delimited, not CR/LF)

* Note that important typographical information is missing from the
text version. Therefore, you are encouraged to the use the PostScript or
Acrobat versions as much as possible during your review.

These documents are copyrighted by ISO. You are permitted to download
copies for personal use and to help you participate in the standards
process. You are NOT permitted to distribute copies of these documents
versions there-of in other formats. You are NOT permitted to host copies
of these documents on other web sites; however, you ARE permitted to
mirror this official source.

The C committee will only process comments based on N2620 as obtained
the instructions above. So, before you begin a detailed review of this
specification, make sure you are NOT dealing with any of the various
unauthorized/unofficial copies that have been floating around in recent

2. *** Attention to those wishing to provide input to the U.S. Public
Comment process ***

The following press release has been posted:

This announces the commencement of and rules for participating in the
public comment period for the U.S. only. Other countries have their own
procedures for handling draft standard reviews.

Especially note the procedures regarding public comment cover sheets.

Rex Jaeschke, Chair committee J11 (ANSI C)
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