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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject Apache/NT error (fwd)
Date Thu, 18 Dec 1997 01:31:20 GMT
FYI, from a O'Reilly WebSite developer...

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>Subject: Re: Apache/NT error
>Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 17:57:35 -0700
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Marc Slemko said...
> It is simply logging whenever we have to use a workaround for a
> pathetic bug in Windows select() that claims a descriptor is writable
> when it isn't.  It shouldn't hurt anything and may well be removed
> at some later point.

The bug is probably deeper than select(). There are some synchronization 
problems in the NT file system that have been around forever. Mostly they 
have to do with making files, closing them and then reopening them right 
away. Don't bet on them getting fixed until they bite MS themselves. 

> Of course, it would be nice if select() worked but that would be too
> much to expect.

That's because Microsoft doesn't use it in their products like you do. If 
they did, it would get fixed. Some time I'll tell you about how the 
WinSock package on NT evolved... :-)

  -- Bob (lead developer, O'Reilly WebSite)

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