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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject the things people try to sell today...
Date Sun, 14 Dec 1997 19:12:13 GMT

While I can't dismiss the product because they don't actually say what it
does , I can respond to their "Why the Internet is Slow" document
at which says:

    TCP's original purpose is a far cry from the way it is being
    used today; consequently, improvements that
    take into consideration its current use will yield large
    improvements in throughput and latency. For
    example, instead of requesting just the lost packet to be
    resent, TCP resends all of the packets that had
    been sent between the time that the lost packet was sent and
    the discovery that it did not arrive - even if
    all of the other packets arrived at the destination. This
    results in unnecessary traffic on the Internet and,
    in peak times, in high levels of congestion and packet loss.


Funny.  They must have Linux 1.x or _very_ old TCP specs on their
brain, since my world sure ain't like that.  Somehow I don't have
too much confidence in a product coming from a company that claims
they have a understanding of how the Internet works when they say

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