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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject to get the current path settings
Date Wed, 10 Dec 1997 05:26:28 GMT
Problem: right now, when someone upgrades from a
vendor-hacked-pile-of-junk-Apache to the base dist, they have a horrible
time figuring out how to make the paths work.

Solution: first, seperate the paths into a seperate .h file that will
hopefully change very little over time.  Then add a command line option to
httpd to generate that .h file from the binary itself.  Then all they need
to do is run the old binary with that flag, and poof the paths on the new
one will be the same.  Ohh, better idea: include a .h file that is empty
by default, then any paths defined there will override those in httpd.h.

Problems: bloatware, can't retroactively do it forever, what happens when
we have to add paths.

Is it a solution without a problem?  Perhaps, but I'm avoiding studying
for my hopeless stats exam given by a sadistic prof and I need to do
something other than write bad.... erm... words (it sure isn't poetry)
about proxies. 

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