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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apache-site in_the_news.html
Date Mon, 01 Dec 1997 21:41:27 GMT
On 1 Dec 1997 wrote:

>   +<br>
>   +<blockquote>
>   + <em>
>   +  "The Apache project runs differently than most freeware
>   +  projects. Perl, for example, continues to evolve under the watchful
>   +  eye of its creator, Larry Wall. Likewise, Linux does the same under
>   +  Linus Torvalds. But Apache is governed by 13 co-equal developers who
>   +  share permission to commit changes to the Apache source tree."
>   + </em>
>   +</blockquote>

Ok, since we decided we don't have an enigmatic leader, guess we have to
decide which of the commiters don't exist so we can have 13.  I volunteer
to not exist because then you can't blame me and perhaps I can skip my

After all, 13 is such a good number that we couldn't change.  Well, not
until we are up to 666.  <g>

More seriously, anyone know where they got 13?  13 original people seems
around right to me, but that stuff was all changed a while ago everywhere
I see...

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