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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject current open PR summary
Date Sat, 13 Dec 1997 22:22:16 GMT
 Num Category State    Sypnosis
 754 general  open     GMT timestamps sometimes falsely claim to be PDT
 793 general  open     RLimitCPU and RLimitMEM don't apply to all children like
1251 general  open     Compiler warning compiling support/htpasswd.c
 924 general  open     If port is busy, Apache processes do not completely die
1072 general  analyzed http servers die until only one left in process list
1119 general  analyzed Some transfers to distant sites terminate with graphics 
1150 general  feedback Many people limited to ASCII and English language
1142 general  feedback spurious POST or PUT without Content-length errors
1171 general  analyzed wrong SCRIPT_URI when portnumber != 80
1204 general  open     regerror() exists, use it
1206 general  open     where possible use herror()
1218 general  feedback 1 Apache process takes up 40% of the server load
1268 general  feedback CGI scripts running as Apache user: security (suexec etc
1262 general  open     Vhost overlap reports indistinguishable and to stderr on
1305 general  analyzed Apache is *very* unprotected against characters with 8bi
1341 general  analyzed Strange error in error_log
 379 config   analyzed <Files> within <Directory> or <Location> directive?
 783 config   open     RLimitMEM, RLimitCPU, hard limit ignored when userid is 
 684 config   feedback broken compilation of utils from support directory
 909 os-windo feedback Configuration does not handle spaces in filenames proper
 953 config   feedback Migrating from 1.1.3 -> 1.2.1 breaks all my _NON_ virtua
1043 config   feedback GuessOS; edits to Configure & Configuration
1061 config   analyzed What modes is the scoreboard file created with? What sho
1069 config   analyzed Directory deny does not deny by ip
1144 config   feedback Virtualhost troubles....
1226 config   feedback Apache seems to "forget" about DocumentRoot for VirtualH
1235 config   analyzed LOCATION directive in config
1253 config   feedback Virtual hosting problem
1280 config   feedback Virtual host problem
1304 config   feedback Main server broken by first VirtualHost found (with work
1319 config   open     SIGSEGV with RedirectMatch
 975 document analyzed VirtualHost definitions with ports other than the defaul
1121 document open     Details of using MS Dev Studio too slight.
1148 document open     mod_dll's doc says it isn't included, but it is, in defa
1208 document open     ErrorLog Directive incorrectly documented
1195 protocol analyzed Bug in Authentication header
1225 protocol analyzed Apache doesn't have a way to dump the body of a POST bef
1237 protocol analyzed Server fails to respond to submit request for a form.
 921 suexec   analyzed Uses cwd before filling it in, doesn't use syslog
1001 suexec   open     Potential group security hole with suexec
1120 suexec   open     suexec does not parse arguments to #exec cmd
1264 suexec   open     Suexec doesn't work
1285 suexec   feedback Error messages could be easier to spot in cgi.log file f
1343 suexec   analyzed year-2000 bug in suexec log
1158 apache-a open     improvements to child spawning API
1327 mod_acce open     Apache ignores htaccess files on Aliased directories tha
1155 mod_alia analyzed RedirectMatch does not correctly deal with URLs which ne
1117 mod_auth open     Using NIS passwd.byname dbm files with AuthDBMUserFile
 543 mod_cgi  analyzed "%2F" not allowed in VGI script PATH_INFO
 607 mod_cgi  analyzed CGI processes that run certain outside programs hang ind
1291 mod_cgi  feedback CGI problems are reported as "Server problem - contact t
 697 mod_incl analyzed A security tweak I've been using for a few years for SSI
 784 mod_incl analyzed IncludesNOEXEC prohibits execution of Action in <!--#inc
1037 mod_incl open     exec cmd not working for virtual hosts
1182 mod_incl analyzed SSI: include virtual doesn't handle SCRIPT_NAME correctl
1203 mod_incl open     possible ../ attack in mod_include
 963 mod_info analyzed The data under the section 'Current Configuration' does 
 976 mod_log- feedback CustomLog does not log 5xx series of errors
1127 mod_log- analyzed Log files for main server and virtual hosts are written 
1130 mod_log- analyzed log error with protected directory, if user have more th
1031 mod_nego analyzed Content negotiation don't work with error documents
1053 mod_nego open     "Negotiated" DirectoryIndex file listed in error if inac
 314 mod_prox analyzed Truncated (short/invalid) files are proxy-cached. Ought 
 668 mod_prox analyzed Two problems with user:password@host URLs
 671 mod_prox analyzed server access restrictions apply to proxy requests
 687 mod_prox feedback directory cache full of persistent tmpxxxxxx files
 700 mod_prox analyzed Proxy doesn't do links right for OpenVMS files through f
 747 mod_prox open     Proxy caches documents even if transmission was interrup
 822 mod_prox feedback errors writing and linking to cache-files
1092 mod_prox open     '..' links from ftp proxy are often incorrect
1183 mod_prox open     FTP Proxy doesn't return Content-Length:
1230 mod_prox feedback Page underlined input fields are missing for http://cata
1259 mod_prox open     proxy error messages
1265 os-windo open     Errors using proxy module - Proxy directory not being po
1307 mod_prox analyzed Cache growing and staying above the set size (CacheSize)
1315 os-windo open     proxy caching fails on Windows NT
1326 mod_prox analyzed HTTPS - Cannot Connect! (PR#1024, PR#1105)
1029 mod_rewr open     RewriteMap programs don't work on FreeBSD
1234 mod_rewr open     Improper statck variable initialization in mod_rewrite
1325 mod_rewr analyzed mod_rewrite may write log entries even with RewriteLogLe
1239 mod_user feedback Module isn't up to date with current draft standard.
1278 mod_user analyzed date format for cookies is not compliant with RFC..cause
1042 os-windo feedback Apache requires MS Visual C++ 5.x+
1129 os-windo open     Hang on concurrent CGI invocations
1102 os-windo open     Name of server's DOS window changes from "APACHE" to "tc
1168 os-windo analyzed APACHE_TLS cannot be used in modules on Windows95
1340 os-windo open     Apache mistakes executable programs for scripts if they 
1134 os-bsdi  feedback using prior-release config file (about 50 virtual domain
 941 os-solar analyzed Problems in source code when using Sun's CC
1190 os-solar feedback server processes in keepalive state do not die after kee
1296 os-solar analyzed httpd is running but clients can't access the server
1077 os-sco   open     Compilation warnings, ELF output
 878 os-aix   analyzed Server stops responding when a socket gets stuck in the 
1000 os-hpux  analyzed second sighup stop's server
 958 os-ultri analyzed alloc.c and mod_dir.c have problems with incompatible po
1169 os-osf   analyzed core dump
1314 document analyzed DEC OSF/1 seems to be hanged after 5-7 hours after Apach
1082 os-unixw analyzed SIGHUP causes web server to quit instead of restart
1282 os-unixw analyzed Server fails to bind port when restarting after SIGHUP
1309 other    feedback Wrong compiled-in date in localized environment
1346 suexec   feedback questionable user promotion
1348 document open     Error in
1349 mod_prox analyzed Proxy server stops working when there is no route to hos
1354 general  open     Running apache in inetd mode fails silently
1355 general  analyzed kill -TERM `cat /usr/local/etc/apache/logs/` do
1356 mod_acti feedback Action directive in a .htaccess file ignored if the type
1357 os-unixw open     Server incorrectly interprets whether file is a symlink.
1362 general  analyzed CGI script using UNIX shell script "expr" command produc
1363 other    feedback missing support directory binaries
1364 mod_prox open     cache filenames with wrong characters ":" in the proxy m
1365 general  analyzed Large download from IE broken up and logged many times
1366 apache-a open     send_fd and send_fd_length do not return bytes sent prop
1369 general  analyzed error in src/main/conf.h - wrong path
1371 os-osf   open     Apache 1.2.x and 1.3b2 report error message to client wh
1378 os-windo open     Server on Windows NT crashes with very long URL
1386 config   open     Using Socks5 instead of Socks4
1390 general  open     basic_http_header routine unavailable in Win32 environme
1391 mod_rewr open     mod_rewrite tries to perform file locking on a pipe
1396 mod_log- analyzed Logging to a pipe causes server to stop serving document
1399 protocol analyzed MISE 4.0 POST, then 401 Unauth, then second POST with go
1402 general  feedback Relative Symlinks are handled improperly
1409 config   open     Unable to get it to compile
1412 mod_cgi  open     Apache rewrites Location: and mangles # for intra-docume
1413 mod_cgi  open     Multipart form data gets additional CRs
1415 mod_prox open     POSTs with Content-Length: header have any trailing CRLF
1416 mod_prox analyzed Authorisation does not work with proxy:
1417 os-windo open     NT Service may never shutdown
1419 mod_log- analyzed Logging to a pipe
1423 mod_auth open     mod_auth_db docs should contain pointer to Berkeley DB s
1425 general  analyzed After several minutes, Apache no longer responds to HTTP
1430 mod_log- open     Stray newline in error log date string
1431 mod_rewr open     RewriteMap program isn't spawned when rewriteengine is t
1434 os-osf   analyzed CGIs run using 'rsh' frequently abort prematurely.
1441 os-aix   open     Apache stops responding - kill -TERM PID leads to zombie
1442 os-windo open     mod_info won't link under Windows NT/95
1443 general  analyzed child processes going to disk, gradually making server u
1444 os-windo open     File Trucated Making Java applet Fail
1448 mod_stat open     Status Information should display server version and bui
1450 os-freeb open     FreeBSD Configure needs additional tuning (ctype and reg
1453 document open     New Directive "LogLevel" has no documentation -- BUT
1457 general  open     Featrure Request: Install programs in /usr/local/apache/
1458 os-windo open     Will not run as a service
1459 general  analyzed Please shorten "server seems busy"  log message -- patch
1462 os-windo open     Cannot load Proxy module
1464 protocol analyzed Response for Byte-Range containing whole file "Range: by
1465 mod_auto open     default values for IconHeight/Width not plugged in
1467 general  open     httpd options are documented inconsistently
1469 suexec   open     suexec allows intermediate directories with unsafe permi
1470 mod_cgi  open     argv[0] passed to CGI scripts with and without suexec
1471 os-irix  open     apache doesn't startup on irix6.2
1472 mod_prox open     extra headers on POST method CGI returns
1474 general  open     No logging when killing above MaxSpareServers -- suggest
1478 config   feedback Virtual Hosts not working properly
1482 os-os2   analyzed I cannot add a user in an existing password file
1488 os-windo feedback Can't get Perl to work
1489 os-windo open     problem starting Apache as service
1492 mod_log- feedback Suggestion: mod_log_config format extension
1495 os-freeb feedback kill -1 cause lots of SIGABRT in spawned childs due to f
1496 os-windo feedback the server refuses to start up
1497 os-windo feedback .exe CGIs will not execute, instead give internal server
1499 os-unixw analyzed Server ceases answering requests, remains running silent
1500 mod_cern analyzed mod_cern_meta corrupts memory pool
1501 general  feedback Problem #1257 is not fixed by the patch in #1030
1502 general  feedback Problem using virtual Hosts
1505 os-windo open     Query URL's converted to lowercase when using proxy on N
1507 os-windo open     Differences to UNIX in SCRIPT_NAME and PATH_INFO cgi var
1508 os-windo open     Fully qualified path for passwd, documentroot and alias
1511 os-windo open     AuthUserFile incorrect path documentation
1522 general  analyzed apache won't run
1524 mod_user feedback access of /~<login> crashes with sigsegv
1525 os-windo open     use of server-status or server-info fails
1532 general  open     Proxy transfer logging
1533 os-windo analyzed ISAPI DLL crashes Apache
1534 mod_acce analyzed 'allow from' only allows access when given ip addresses,
1540 general  feedback Apache stops to respond on virtual interfaces
1542 os-linux open     /usr/include/bits/resource.h:113: conflicting types for 
1543 suexec   open     suexec.c -- Does not report exec failure reasons
1544 document open     mod_access.html appears to have incorrect/contradictory 
1546 os-seque open     syntax error, line 158, compiling http_main.c
1547 mod_prox open     No HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR set...
1549 os-linux open     Entire system hangs (linux)
1551 mod_stat open     Current and Restart Time Reports are Missing TimeZone

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