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From (Ben Hyde)
Subject Re: mutex in palloc
Date Wed, 10 Dec 1997 14:09:42 GMT
> >> >Ben Hyde wrote:
> >> >> Is the critical region in palloc so narrow
> >> >> because allocation in a given pool is never
> >> >> done by more than a single thread?

Ok so Dean's awnser to my original question is:   yes
Ben L's awnser is:  "seems like a rash assumption".

I asked since it tells me a lot about the overall structure
of things.  Not that my opinion counts for much here abouts
but I was expecting Dean's awnser since I currently
think the pool is THE thread specific data structure and
any attempt to share makes me confused.

Those wild and crazy module authors.  An assert that
"expected" thread is doing the allocate comes to mind.

I don't pretend to be any kind of an NT expert but
EnterCriticalSection appears to be a better substrate
for acquire_mutex et. al.

 - ben

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