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From (Rodent of Unusual Size)
Subject apache-announce msg about Win32 extra-kit (icons & htdocs)
Date Mon, 01 Dec 1997 17:43:37 GMT
    Here's what I propose sending to apache-announce at 17H00 EST (or
    later) to-day.

    #ken    P-)}
Apache 1.3beta3
Additional Files for Windows NT Installation

The Apache Group recently announced the release of the 1.3b3 version
of Apache, the latest beta release of the Apache web server.  This
release included the availability of a Windows NT installation package
named "apache_1.3b3_win32.exe".

Due to technical difficulties, this package does NOT include the online
documentation nor the default icons.

These additional components of the 1.3beta3 Win32 release are now
available in a self-extracting package, available from

Just download the package and run it.  It will ask you where to unpack
the files; be sure to specify the same directory you did when you
installed the main Apache 1.3b3 kit (probably "C:\Apache" or
"C:\Program Files\Apache").

NOTE: Because of the multiple dots in the file name, it is simplest to
run this package from Windows Explorer rather than from a DOS window.
If you use a DOS window, be sure to type the entire package name,
including the ".exe" at the end.

For more information about Apache, please check out the Web site at

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