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From Michael Smith <>
Subject IE 3.02 / frames / authentication
Date Tue, 23 Dec 1997 11:16:05 GMT
I'm experiencing all sorts of weird problems with IE 3.02 and frames
with authentication.  When the frameset and some of the frames
themselves require authentication I get a mixture of multiple prompting
and authentication failure errors.  I've been trying to specify exactly
what is going on, but I have not been able to engineer a page where some
of the errors are 100% reproducable.  However if you go to:

click on the "stationery" button, and use the java menu (select the
subselections) to select different frames on the right, you *should* get
prompted for username / password every now-and-then.  This doesn't
happen with IE 4 or Netscape.  (Sorry this web server isn't running a
proper web server; it will be soon!).

I have also seen the problem in another area with a proper web server,
but the errors here seem to be reliable :)  I also seem to get some
possible timeout dependent errors.  Hmmpfh!


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