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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: 10 Technologies You Need in 1998 (Web servers) article
Date Sun, 14 Dec 1997 02:42:28 GMT
At 01:27 PM 12/13/97 -0600, Igor Tatarinov wrote:

>might be interesting:




  Mirzadeh says it will make available a
<color><param>ffff,0000,0000</param>full version of Apache for NT</color>

  early 1998, followed by the <color><param>ffff,0000,0000</param>release
of Apache 2.0 in May</color> that will have

  full NT support as well as 32-bit compliance and <color><param>ffff,0000,0000</param>graphical

  capabilities</color>. "That will make Apache available to everybody," Mirzadeh


Well!  We've got 5 months!  What are we waiting for?  :)

This article is really hilarious.  Moving along:

  Ease of use appears to be one of Netscape's strengths

  over Apache. Sean Smith, a Web administrator at

  Electronic Data Systems in Plano, TX, <color><param>ffff,0000,0000</param>who
just started 

  running Netscape Enterprise Server</color>, says Apache requires the administrator

  to have a <color><param>ffff,0000,0000</param>working knowledge of Unix</color>.
 On the other hand, "I can administer 

  Netscape Enterprise Server through a browser," Smith says. 

I think this would be a great candidate for in_the_news... it's only fair we put 

lousy articles there too :)

>Unfortunately, they do not have the pie chart that they used in the

>printed  article. That chart said that Apache holds only 8% (eight) of the

>Internet server market. The Web copy of the article does mention though

>that Netscape holds 42% and IIS 28%. They say the study was done by Zona


Yup.  The Zona survey was responded to by CIOs, CTOs, and MIS directors, not by 

sysadmins or engineers.  I'd be willing to be that many folks who use Apache don't

tell their bosses they do, and since "Apache" isn't a line item in budgets it 

doesn't even register with those corporate types.



"it's a big world, with lots of records to play." - sig

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