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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: Separate Win32 package for 1.3b3 icons & htdocs
Date Mon, 01 Dec 1997 19:37:01 GMT
At 12:11 PM 12/1/97 -0400, Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:
>From the fingers of Paul Sutton flowed the following:
>>                                                I don't want to put a
>>damper on the good work that's going on, but we need a proper IS installer
>>soonish. People want it. Having to pack up and distribute separate
>>archives of things missed-out from the installer is not really on.
>    For a final 1.3, d'accord.  For a beta, I don't see it as being a
>    problem.  Ben just didn't have the time to build all that stuff into
>    the IS package, and we couldn't release 1.3b3 without a Win32
>    version, so we've got a UNIX source dist (no binaries) and a Win32
>    two-part install.  The Win32 piece will install and work just fine
>    without the additional /icons/ and /htdocs/ trees; they're just
>    amenities to make it complete.

The point of a beta is to get people to test drive the software.  As it
stands, there is still a significant amount of guesswork to go from running
the IS binary to having a server up and running, and most of that is only
obvious to people with extensive history with Apache on Unix, which I think
is causing a significant number of people to just not try it out any
further than the download and install.  I think Paul's suggested fixes are
a minimum for 1.3b4.  


>To finish the IS installer, we need
> -- to include htdocs and src directories
> -- create custom & typical installs (and remove the full/minimum
>    install options)
> -- give some information after the install finishes rather than
>    just exitting. A readme will do for now. Later it could be an
>    option to run a batch file which installs Apache as a service
>    and optionally does a startup on it

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