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From "Shane Caraveo" <>
Subject Re: How do I debug Apache 1.3B3 for NT? (fwd)
Date Sat, 20 Dec 1997 16:22:15 GMT
> Subject: How do I debug Apache 1.3B3 for NT?

> We are working hard to implement Apache-SSL for 1.3b for NT and we cannot 
> work out how to debug the bally thing in MSVC 5.
> We can run it inside the debugger no problem but the moment the child 
> processes are created, we (obviously) lose them. Unfortunately we need to 
> be inside the children in order to debug our problem(s) as it is these 
> which actually do the serving work rather than the main process.
> All help gratefully appreciated!

I was able to get debugging working for php3 module under msvc5.  In 
the php3 project, I designate the debug executable as 
/apache/apache.exe and the program args as -X.  This is all found in 
the project settings.  I am then able to request a page via a 
browser, and debug into php3, AND apache, so long as apache is the 
debug version.


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