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From "Shane Caraveo" <>
Subject RE: more multithread unsafe stuff
Date Fri, 19 Dec 1997 12:05:25 GMT
> > Now, it depends on how the win32 libc is implemented... those could be
> > implemented using thread-specific data, and be semi-safe.  I suspect
> > that
> > must be the case, because we use them in such core code that you win32
> > folks would surely have seen some insanity by now.  If they're
> > implemented
> > using thread-specific data it just means you can't pass the pointers
> > returned to different threads...
> I believe there are 2 run time libraries that ship with VC++, one for 
> single 

When you compile a DLL in msvc 5, you aren't given the choice, it 
automaticly compiles against the thread safe libraries.  You can of 
course go in and change it to the single thread library, but that 
would be silly. ;)


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