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From Random Junk <>
Subject Re: Problem with 1.3b3
Date Wed, 17 Dec 1997 20:24:09 GMT
James Dornan writes:
> >   The main_server is only used to serve a request if the IP address and port
> >   number to which the client connected is unspecified and does not match any
> >   other vhost (including a _default_ vhost). In other words the main_server
> >   only catches a request for an unspecified address/port combination (unless
> >   there is a _default_ vhost which matches that port). 
> Oh, that make it all so damned clear. Did a lawyer write that?

before i became a full time web geek i used to be a technical writer.
i think this would be best expressed as a list of conditions.  only i
have no idea from reading the above text what the conditions are.
something like this perhaps...

- client does not specify a host or port #
  - main_server is used IF there is no default vhost
- client specifies a host and/or port #
  - applicable vhost is used

the principal problem with the text as written is that the important
info is buried in a dense, wordy paragraph.  you want to say what
conditions are first, then describe the results of those conditions
being met.  like programming, when you say IF this THEN that.  (one of
my pet peeves with perl is that it lets you reverse the sense... die
unless blah... grrrr...)

you could write it the other way if you used a bullet list to explain
the conditions more precisely, something like:

   The main_server will be used ONLY when:

   * The client does not specify a host or port #
   * there is no default vhost (see xx.xx for explanation of default

breaking it up visually like that helps immensely.  it is quite clear
from just a quick visual inspection that there are two conditions.
easy for the reader to make a quick mental checklist.

again, i'm not sure if what i've written is true... but i think it's a 
clearer way of expressing the info.

hope this helps.

    Jon Drukman      SpotMedia Communications
This calls for a very special blend of psychology and extreme violence.

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