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From "Shane Caraveo" <>
Subject RE: thread safe modules
Date Fri, 12 Dec 1997 17:46:54 GMT
Hmm, while thread saftey is a pain in the butt when moving from unix 
to windows, in php 3 we came up with a (as yet unfinish and untested) 
seemingly easy way to do it.  While you would have to look at the 
code to get all the specifics, we put our globals and static vars 
into a structure, did a number of ifdefs, used the TLS api in msvc5, 
and put a define GLOBAL() around all our globals.  Now, when it is 
compiled in vc5, it should be thread safe (except we still have work 
to do on the flex generated stuff), and when compiled on unix it is 
just its regular old unchanged self.  We then use DllMain to set up 
our thread local index, and allocate memory per thread for the global 
structure.  Of course we'll take a little performance hit on the 
windows side (a call to get the thread index in each function that 
uses a global), and c++ would probably be better, but it saves us 
from a ground up rewrite of what has been done so far, and keeps 
compilability across platforms.


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