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From Tim Hudson <>
Subject Re: mutex in palloc
Date Thu, 11 Dec 1997 10:16:12 GMT
According to Ben Laurie:
> Sounds like a good idea. Budding NT patch authors should note, though,
> that the obvious way of doing this gets you a handle that is the same
> for every thread (really).
    If you are silly enough to call GetCurrentThread() rather than 
GetCurrentThreadId() you really are asking for trouble and also haven't
read the fairly terse but precise help :-)

> > I don't pretend to be any kind of an NT expert but
> > EnterCriticalSection appears to be a better substrate
> > for acquire_mutex et. al.
    Grab an NT or WIN32 book and read up on what gets cleaned up and
what doesn't when threads are blown away with cleanup and also the
process/thread differences for each of the primitives. You get pretty
much what you pay for.

    Is anyone who is working on ApacheNT doing any multi-processor testing?


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