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From Hariharan <>
Subject Port # for Apache....
Date Tue, 09 Dec 1997 09:06:44 GMT
	I have ported the Apache 1.2.4 to our flavour of SVR 4.2 unix.  But, the 
httpd fails to execute with the following error message:

	bind: Cannot assign requested address
	httpd: could not bind to port 80

	I followed the instructions present in the httpd.conf file and checked in 
other server's setup also.  There is no other http daemons present in the 
server in which I try to install apache.  That port is not connected inbound.  
But, it gives the same error to whatever the port number I set. (Ofcourse, 
which are free!).  Any lights on this?

	Thanks in Advance!!
Hariharan,            Voice:+91-80-553 8125 
Development Engineer,                  9217 
DDEORG Systems Ltd.,                   9220
Bangalore 068, INDIA.

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