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From "Shane Caraveo" <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] Configure to say how to make Configuration
Date Mon, 01 Dec 1997 17:54:48 GMT
> > My own personal feeling is that the pre-built binaries should
> > be as
> > small and simple as possible, since that's most likely the
> > type
> > of site that would be using it. Sites that need modules like
> > database
> > auth and other goodies most likely have what it takes to build
> > their
> > own binary. Our pre-builts should NOT have as much stuff as
> > possible.
> *If* you want to compete with IIS (and who doesn't? :-), you 
> might want a
> prebuilt Win32 binary with a selection of modules to try to 
> match IIS (including
> the ASP stuff). One cannot be quite as certain that folks at an 
> Win32 shop
> will have all the tools (or knowledge) on how to build a "full 
> featured" Apache.
> Of course, that type of shop will probably want to but support 
> too, so it might
> be a moot point.

If you want people to use apache on windows, you definetely want as 
much feature as you can get.  Other windows-only servers already do 
that.  I'm working on the php3 port. with modperl and php that is 
pretty much as close to a match for asp as there is (that I know of). 

Things have to be as easy as possible, irregardless of wether some 
user buys support from someone or not.  The installer on b3 is fine, 
except the missing parts, which should flesh out later.  And to 
assume any windows shop is going to have a c savy programmer, and 
vc++, and is going to sit, compile, figure out how to configure, when 
they can already get it pre-built from some other (free) server 
(that is probably already on their server), is to assume a whole lot.

Shane Caraveo

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