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From Martin Kraemer <>
Subject Re: Separate Win32 package for 1.3b3 icons & htdocs
Date Mon, 01 Dec 1997 15:14:42 GMT
On Sun, Nov 30, 1997 at 09:08:00AM -0400, Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:
>     Done.  '_ex" changed to '_ext' for 'extras.'  Have you actually
>     tried installing it, or were these just theoretical remarks?
The latter when I wrote it. I installed it afterwards (and was astonished
to see a GRAPHICAL self extracting archive, good! This means you don't
have to tell your customers to to your apache directory, then
start "apache_ext.exe -d", and don't forget the -d or it'll write all
your files to the current dir...

BTW: What I DID notice on this occation is that the f@#$%^g DOS shell
REQUIRES you to enter "apache_1.3b3_ext.exe"; i.e., you CANNOT omit the
trailing .exe because the shell assumes that if you have any dot somewhere
in the filename, then it doesn't need to do the "try .BAT then try .COM
then try .EXE" game.

So, you better start off this SFX from the explorer..

>     Has anyone tried this?  Is it ready for me to move over to
>     /apache/dist/?
+1 from me. Could it find out the apache install directory automatically
(from the registry)? Or doesn't SFX offer an interface for things like

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