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From "David D'Antonio" <>
Subject RE: Separate Win32 package for 1.3b3 icons & htdocs
Date Tue, 02 Dec 1997 16:37:30 GMT
On Monday, December 01, 1997 12:50 PM, Ben Laurie 
[] wrote:

> I'm happy to zip up the current IS setup for anyone who wants to do
> this
> stuff. It ought to go into CVS, of course, but I'm having far too
> much
> fun with ASP to dick with IS.

Can you zip it up and send it to me? Since I don't have IS 5, I can't 
do much
more than read through the code, but that should tell me if it is 
anything that
I can handle at the moment. I'll let you know if I think I can deal 
with it and,
if so, you can send me the IS 5 stuff...

> Ben Laurie            |Phone: +44 (181) 735 0686|Apache Group


David D'Antonio CNE -
 Some they do and some they don't and some ya just can't tell
  Some they will and some they won't and some it's just as well

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