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From "David D'Antonio" <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] Configure to say how to make Configuration
Date Mon, 01 Dec 1997 23:05:31 GMT
On Monday, December 01, 1997 5:50 PM, Shane Caraveo 
[] wrote:

> If you want people to use apache on windows, you definetely want as
> much feature as you can get.  Other windows-only servers already do
> that.  I'm working on the php3 port. with modperl and php that is
> pretty much as close to a match for asp as there is (that I know
> of).

I think this is definitely true of commercial sites; less true for 
commercial sites.

> Things have to be as easy as possible, irregardless of wether some
> user buys support from someone or not.  The installer on b3 is 
> except the missing parts, which should flesh out later.  And to
> assume any windows shop is going to have a c savy programmer, and
> vc++, and is going to sit, compile, figure out how to configure,
> when
> they can already get it pre-built from some other (free) server
> (that is probably already on their server), is to assume a whole
> lot.

I also agree with this, again for commercial sites. And I think those 
the people who will buy Stronghold or another supported Apache 

> Shane Caraveo


David D'Antonio CNE -
 Some they do and some they don't and some ya just can't tell
  Some they will and some they won't and some it's just as well

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