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From Lars Eilebrecht <>
Subject [BUG] strange fullURI problems!
Date Sun, 09 Nov 1997 17:38:45 GMT

some days ago someone posted about having problems with wrong REMOTE_HOST
values... I just tested it and it appears that it is related to the
fullURI handling.

Example setup:

main server is 'server' and we have one IP-based virtual host ('proxy')
used as a proxy. ProxyRequests is turned off for the main_server
and enabled for the virtual host.

Let's look at the following requests sent from the 'client' to the
'TARGET' host/interface:

TARGET  GET                           REMOTE_HOST    REQUEST_URI
proxy   http://proxy/cgi-bin/printenv   client   http://proxy/cgi-bin/printenv
proxy   http://server/cgi-bin/printenv  server   /cgi-bin/printenv
server  http://proxy/cgi-bin/printenv   client   http://proxy/cgi-bin/printenv
server  http://server/cgi-bin/printenv  server   /cgi-bin/printenv

The first entry/result is correct, but all others are not...
The second entry has a wrong REMOTE_HOST. I expected to see 'proxy' instead
of 'server' as REMOTE_HOST.
The third request is processed although 'ProxyRequests Off' was set for
main_server. IMHO the request should be denied, because we haven't connected
to the 'proxy' address.
And the last entry is wrong too, because REMOTE_HOST should contain 'client'
instead of 'server'.

When I look at the access.log I see that only the second requests is
processed as a real proxy request, that is I see an access from 'client'
with the full URI and a second request from 'server' with the URI-path
(as noted above it shouldn't be 'server' but 'proxy').

For all other requests I see only one access in the logfile with 'client'
as the remote host. Note that I see 'client' in the access.log for the last
request, but REMOTE_HOST is set to 'server'.

I especially see a security problem with the third example-request, because it
was handled internally although ProxyRequests was turned off for the

Can anyone confirm this?

BTW, I tested with 1.3b3-dev.

Lars Eilebrecht                      - "Too clever is dumb." (Ogden Nash)

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