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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject MaxClients ignored ?
Date Mon, 10 Nov 1997 00:43:23 GMT

Was any bug introduced recently that would cause apache to
ignore MaxClients and plow on spawning more and more ? this was
with a Nov 1st 1.3b-dev.

I just lost 4 servers due to exhausted swap space. I was half-watching
'top' on one when it spawned itslef to death :-(

.. had to drag out remote support to reboot the suckers (I'm a few
thousand miles too far awy to reach).

I've used this morning's cvs to build a new httpd and have crossed
my fingers that it won't happen again.

Strange thing is they were all working fine for the last 8 days then
went bang within a few short hours of each other.

Rob Hartill                              Internet Movie Database (Ltd)   .. a site for sore eyes.

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