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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject install problem (fwd)
Date Wed, 05 Nov 1997 00:15:21 GMT

This must be 1.3b judging by the output..

btw, talking of judges, the one is Cambridge MA made the dumb mistake of
saying he'd publish his judgement on in the Louise
Woodward case. Within minutes that server was toast :-)  Maybe we can
provide a server for them and toss in a mod_innocent module to see the
result is sensible  ;-)

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Date: Tue, 04 Nov 1997 11:06:17 +0800
From: "" <>
Subject: install problem

   i will use the apache web server on System V .but when i run the
command "Configure" under src dir,i met the error:
Using config file: Configuration
Creating Makefile
UX:sh (GuessOS): ERROR: hostinfo: Not found
Sorry, but we cannot grok "DRS 6000-whatever-UNIX_SV|4.2MP|7MPlus.8.3"
uname -m
DRS 6000
uname -r
uname -s
uname -v
uname -X
UX:uname: ERROR: Illegal option -- X
UX:uname: TO FIX: Usage:
        uname [-snrvmap]
        uname [-S system name]
Ideally, read the file PORTING, do what it says, and send the
resulting patches to The Apache Group by filling out a report
form at - or, if your browser
isn't forms-capable, you can send them via email to If you don't wish to do the port
yourself, please submit this output rather than the patches.
Thank you    
would you help me?
and tell me why? how to solve it?
my email is
thank you 

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