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From Mark J Cox <>
Subject c|net top ten things to be thankful for
Date Thu, 27 Nov 1997 15:25:31 GMT
Apache comes in at number 10....

"Who would have thought that a little freeware Web server could stand up
to the combined onslaught of Netscape and Microsoft? Well, the Apache
Project is doing quite well, thank you. By most accounts, Apache remains
the No. 1 HTTP server on the Net. In fact, according to Netcraft, Apache
currently hosts more sites than Microsoft and Netscape servers combined.

That's quite an accomplishment, considering that the Apache Group isn't
even a company. Instead, it's a group of contributors who propose and
approve changes to the code by voting.

The Apache Group and the free Apache HTTP server stand as an appealing
throwback to the early, less-commercial, days of the Net when things
seemed to be done for love, not for money. Free and open standards
supported and maintained by the people who use them are still a good thing
for the Web. And, hey, Apache is a damn fine server, too."

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