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From Alexei Kosut <ako...@leland.Stanford.EDU>
Subject Re: protocol/1464: Response for Byte-Range containing whole file "Range: bytes=0-" (fwd)
Date Sun, 23 Nov 1997 22:35:01 GMT
On Sun, 23 Nov 1997, Marc Slemko wrote:

> > Check for an Accept-Ranges header. Although it's not required, most
> > servers will send them for entities that support ranges.
> Aha.  Apache doesn't for bytes=0- (well, any byte range, but others have a
> 206).

Right. It's not supposed to. It only sends them for a 200. I very much
consider Apache's behavior as pointed out by the bug report to be a bug,
if only for this reason "bytes=0-" is a perfectly valid range; Apache
sends "Accept-Ranges: bytes" with a given entity, but does not serve
"bytes=0-" as a range.

> > Though I must admit that sending a "Range: bytes=0-" and checking the
> > response code is a pretty clever idea.
> I'm still not thrilled with the caching implications.  I would bet that on
> most caches this makes the response uncachable.  It also adds a touch of
> overhead to the request that isn't necessary.  I like keeping things the
> simplest possible.

So? If the client wants to screw caching, that's their problem. We can't
tell them what to do. And byteranges have certain caching implications
anyway. We can't do anything about that.

+1 on fixing the problem (it's a one-character patch, I posted it

-- Alexei Kosut <> <>
   Stanford University, Class of 2001 * Apache <> *

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