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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <>
Subject *sql driver
Date Mon, 17 Nov 1997 14:27:37 GMT

Ok, See the attached mod_auth_sql; which can now cope
with my-sql, mSQL 1, mSQL 2 and postgress. I have trouble
with seeing how I can add the Sybase and Oracle API's. 

I've got them to work; but the text of the licence is not very
reasuring. Does anyone have specific ideas about this ? Or
should one in the long run aim for ODBC / DBI ?

Any important databases I've missed ?

Also what do people feel about the feature that one can
now return _all_ the fields from a 

	select * from users where uname="someone"

rather than

	select passwd from users where uname="someone"

And have those extra fields (save the passwd) passed on
to CGI/ssi as a env var.

Would it be something to aim to have a generic SQL included
in version 2.0; or should one leave all those *auth* modules
savely at an arms length ?


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